Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter?? ish.

I know, I know... as usually, I'm terrible at updating this thing. but anyway.

This winter has been.... well... spring-like. I'm a winter guy- I love playing broomball. Hence the profile pic. Therefore... this winter has been a tad disappointing for me.

It's kinda... too warm.

So there's no ice.
Therefore the prized broomball stick has been unused....

 However... there has been some cool picture taking opportunities. Like there's not many blue skies in the winter. usually.
For example... dirty snow on roads. with blue sky. that's nice.

Alright. The blue sky is cool here. But still. No real snow or ice? 

Thankfully, in two weeks I have an epic winter camp that I'm looking forward to that'll hopefully have enough broomball and wintery... stuff to fulfill all those disappointments. Ending on a positive note, here's a plant growing. in February.