Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 15: Late night deathness.

Good morning. Or as I think of it, night. even thought it's past midnight.

Therefore...... Today's verses will be few. But yet, even one word from the Bible can change a life. So it's still meaningful to read just a few.

By the way, from this point on, the only words I will capitalize are the Bible and God (or any other form of his name). Because I'm tired.

galations 3:26-29.

  • first point. obviously paul is talking to both sons and daughters: but he's actually kinda saying that the daughters are just as important as the guys by calling them sons: very controversial at the time.
  • second point. i love that no matter who/what we've done/where we're from/how we got saved/why we got saved, we are all one in Christ. it's awesome to know that we as christians have one huge awesome loving community.
  • we are abraham's seed. so we're God's chosen people!!! that's awesome! but with that also comes the responsibility of following God and living for him. that's also very important.

well good night! God bless! 


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