Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 14: Matthew 9:10-13

I have a confession.

I'm really quite bad at reading the Bible consistently, as is quite obvious if you're actually following my blog. Hence why I am on day 14..... like 25 days after I started this thing. But either way, I get more Bible reading in than I used to, so I consider it a good start.

Today, I'm reading from an SMT assignment about how Jesus was sent to the world. The four verses are Matthew 9:10-13.

A few things that stood out.

  • That's right, Jesus ate with the "tax collectors and 'sinners'" of the time. Something I've found somewhat disturbing is the fact that all of the people I know who go to my church would have been classified as Pharisees had we lived in the time of Jesus. Now there's good Pharisees and bad Pharisees, but it makes me wonder if, how like the Pharisees are in verse 11, I act self righteous and like I'm better than the "sinners." I think I definitely need to work on getting out of my comfort zone in this.
  • Jesus brings up quite a good point. It's not the healthy that need a doctor, it's the sick! I feel that often in churches we, called to be the acting body of Christ, just stand there while countless people get "sick." How are we supposed to act about this? I think there's two parts to the community of Christianity: loving the inside, and loving the outside. Both are very important.
  • Lastly: Jesus says he's after mercy, not sacrifice. I have to admit, this really confuses me. But after looking it up in the handy online commentary, I think I understand a bit more. Jesus didn't come to compliment the Pharisees about how "good" they were; he came to lead the "sinners" and the "sick" to the Good News.
So... that's it! Good night!

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