Friday, September 16, 2011

Photos from the summer!


I'm so sorry I haven't blogged for a long time... life has been busy with all sorts of things like school, music, friends, cross country, photography.... it's been great! So here's some basic updates on what's been going on.
I went to colorado with my youth group!!!!! It was amazing! It was so cool to see how God shaped the mountains and sunrises the way he wanted to.... all the flickr pictures are here: Sorry I took thousands....  but here are a few of my favorites!
A cloudy beautiful day of driving....
On the first day of our hike (we were in South Dakota), all the guys decided to show off their pocketknives/not so pocketknives off.... mines the little tiny one closest.

Stone thingies!

Nice view.

Some chill bros


Almost at our campsite in colorado.... I love the rock on the side.

More rock!

So here's our awesome campsite. I wish I had a view like that in my backyard....

On our first hike in Colorado! Beautiful....

Me and my vibrams.... :)
SNOW!! and we're in shorts!!!

We stopped to eat lunch at this BEAUTIFUL lake.

Sunsets in Colorado... :)
The next day we drove to this store.... notice the elevation.

We got this view on the way. :) We were on the highest road in America. There's something you don't get to do often... unless you live in Colorado.

In the shop, I bought this cool leaf thingy and was very tempting to buy this hat.... but I didn't have the money. :(

On the way back down...... :)

The next day, we got up half an hour before the time on the clock to go for a sunrise hike!!!!

I love Colorado sunrises.

After the sunrise, we decided to continue going to the top of the mountain! I was wearing shorts.

View from the top!!!

Us on the top!!!!! Me in shorts.... brr.

moose in the campsite!!!

Campfires. Love 'em.

On the second to last day we went to the badlands. that was fun.


So... hot....

In August I went with my youth group to Devil's Lake! We also had a great time... canoeing for two days straight, natural rock climbing, swimming... it was good. Though I didn't take as many pictures, there's still a decent amount of pictures of interesting things.
Team-building stuff.... you wouldn't believe how long this took us.

My new vibrams!!! I love vibrams... sorry I love talking about vibrams....

Natural rock climbing! One of my good friends....

So after canoeing for two days, we went to a high ropes course.... This is pretty much the last time you'll see me calm...... I'm mortally afraid of heights and kinda had a panic attack...... so unfortunately i didn't finish. :( but i tried!

Crazy people who got to the end could either take a zip line or this swing that let you drop for a bit before it caught you.......

Then there was a bunch of other stuff involving camp vertical, running, friends, school... but that's most of my summer! God Bless!!