Monday, June 20, 2011

random catch up or ketchup

So... I haven't posted in like a month!!! So sorry... I've been busy with so many awesome (Camp Vertical! woot!) and not so awesome things (exams) that I just haven't really thought of the blog for a while. Well, a few random things I kinda want to talk about. 

First of all, even though I'm a day late, I really need to say.... Happy Father's Day, Dad! My dad is so totally awesome and really knows a lot about random stuff that I think can be weird at times, but other times it's just awesome! I think that dads can be kinda like that: they know all this random stuff that is weird... a lot. The scary part is I'm gonna be like that someday probably.... uh oh. (Dad, I'm just kidding... kinda.)
Second of all, I just really have to post an awesome photo of my family's recent craze.... these awesome shoes known as VIBRAM FIVEFINGERS!!! 
 This is my mom, dad's, and my vibrams... feel free to guess whose is whose. These shoes are... beyond awesomeness.... Alright, time to break away from this.
Third of all... one of my best friends and I just watched Kong Fu Panda 2 at the theater! It was awesome... I'm just gonna post a lot of random pictures that I'm about to find online.
10 minutes later.... Sorry, as it's still a new movie, there are no pictures that i could easily find.... But suffice it to say that it was totally awesome x30. yeah. The characters were very well portrayed, Tigress was starting to be nice (which is nice) and Po.... he's Po.
Ok... Lastly, If you are wondering why I have a whole total of one picture on today... it's because I haven't really been photographing stuff (mostly from lack of things to photograph that I felt appealing). So, I promise that soon (as in within a month) I will have a lot of awesome pictures because I'm going on several trips to very very very scenic places. So keep your eyes open (Is that the right phrase to use here??). Well, Good night!