Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!! and China Day 3!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while, but I've been a tad bit busy
First things first. Happy Easter!!  God is so awesome that he would send his son to die for us to pay our price for sins so we could go to heaven with him. Then even cooler he rose 3 days later!! These are some songs which are permanently stuck in my head after church today.. I love them so much!! (turn off the music player)

Anyway... here's China Day 3!
Well, I started out the day with waking up early and then enjoying one of my favorite breakfasts ever, baguette and jam 

 which was totally delicious! After that, we had to travel to the Great Wall of China (Thus the waking up early). We passed a lot of mountains, 

 Once we arrived, we got out of the van and waited while our guide got tickets (it was cold) After we finally got to the entrance, we took a lift up to the top. I don't really like heights, so this wasn't exactly fun, but it wasn't really too bad (except when the lifts stopped and swung a few times.) 

 Once we got to the top, we stepped off, went through a long tunnel, then we were on THE GREAT WALL!!! It was really really really really really cold... maybe freezing is a better word. Here's a lot of pictures... they can tell the tale. 

 Yeah. So there's a lot of Great Wall pics. We rode back down,

 and then went to see the Ming Tombs. time for lots of pictures... I'll let the pictures (and their captions) do the talking. 

stairs are pretty

gate to the "land of the dead" (sarcastic tone)

I like this shot



read sign

fake tombs... the real tombs were destroyed in the Cultural Revolution

possessions that they believed would come with them... poor guys, they didn't know Jesus 


I love mountains

and trees

lots of emperor's/empress' hats coming up.

Biggest fire extinguisher ever!!... and by the way we're outside the tombs if you didn't notice

Alright, so next we went to see the Beijing Olympic stadiums. It was super cold outside and I was nearly frozen. as was the rest of my family. Pictures.

McDonald's... ick


After 15 minutes of pure cold, we went back to the van and went to eat Peking duck... which was very yummy.

mine... all mine... mwahahahaha. oh, and this becomes...



and to finish off,  here's a dog outside the window: 

Happy Easter!