Saturday, March 26, 2011

China Day 2: Beijing Part 1

We had a pretty good view there, as we were on the 17th floor...  

I was bored in the lobby, so I took pictures of a vase of flowers... and I can't decide which one is better. 

Anyway, we got into the van and headed through Beijing's traffic to Tianamen Square!! I was kinda sad because I remembered the massacre took place there (good thing i'm not in China right now!) but otherwise it was pretty cool. A political conference was taking place in there so unfortunately, we weren't able to go in. But here are some pictures!! 

cute little boy, isn't he?

soldiers everywhere... these ones look funny

Behold Tianamen Square!

more soldiers up ahead

Anyway, after that we made our way to... the FORBIDDEN CITY!! (which isn't forbidden anymore, it's because a long long time ago only the emperor and his... servants and such could enter it).
The Forbidden City from the outside

There was a super long line for it,
I hate lines...

 but we finally got in. Time for a lot of pictures!!! 
the famous gold knob thingies

through the first set of walls, another set and security coming up

security scanner up ahead... ugh

welcome to the Forbidden City

lots of bridges

their version of a lion.... rarr

lots of smog in the air.. :(

pots to hold water in for putting out fires, the gold was scratched off in WWII

Yes they rate restrooms in Beijing

After that we took a look at a lot of artifacts in the Forbidden Palace. I'll only put a few... or maybe a little more than a few.

the emperor's bed!!

sorry... shooting through glass

china... made in china!
Once we were finished looking at all the artifacts, we went to take a look at all the gardens, which were awesome!

a well

tree which is over... 100 years old I think

That stuff is money

a rock

I like this shot though it's a bit blurry

Finally done with the Forbidden City
After that we took a little walk along this moat 

And the next few images are along the moat.

We got to the restaurant 

 and ordered noodles!!
my brother's spicy noodle soup

this becomes...


The last dish we ordered was tripe, and... it looked different than we thought it would. Suffice it to say I didn't try it. You might not want to see this, but oh well...
Doesn't this look delicious.. not.
After lunch we went to tour the Old City, and got to ride in these awesome rickshaws: 

 We toured the Old City a bit, 

our old city tour guide
 and eventually got to a house which was pretty cool, and was actually worth 1 million dollars though I wouldn't want to live in it...  

apparently this is medicinal wine... but I sure don't want to drink it.....

Anyway after that we went to a pottery shop where we saw a guy make a pot and then a woman decorate it. Here's a video that I took. (You might want to turn off the music player at the bottom of the page)

After we were done with that, we went to a shopping alley (my mom and sister were happy) and saw some pretty awesome things. 
awesome tee-shirt!

Awesome pottery

they're crazy about churros!!

 Once we were done shopping, we went and had dinner, and then went to bed.

P.S. If you made it to the end... well you're amazing!! Thank you! I know it was super long... Oh and those 67 photos that are on this post? That's 4% of all the photos I took on the trip....