Friday, February 25, 2011

My plant.... it's growing!

We got to paint pots at my church's Green Retreat. Afterwards, we got dirt and seeds, and were told to take care of it if we wanted to. As you can see... mine is actually growing :)

You might want to click on the picture in order to see it... 

P.S. I'll be adding to this blog post every day because the plant is growing rapidly (I woke up today and was like "whoa!") and I just want to show you guys.


2/27/11 Ah!! How are you growing this fast?!

3/1/11 ... Natural light.. Cool, eh? 

So I found out this is grass... kinda disappointing, but oh well.... probably won't post many more pics then.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Well... it's a day late, but...

Hey guys,

Even though it's a day late, I want to say something to you all....

 (These are actually lanterns hanging in our house right now... kinda cool, eh?)

The traditional Chinese calendar is lunar, so yesterday (Thursday) was the Traditional Chinese New Year.