Sunday, January 23, 2011

And we get into airplanes?

FYI- this is a tad bit random.

I was watching a video on a news web page) about a woman falling into a fountain because she was texting) and there was an advertisement right before the video started. It said "Your video will begin in 15 seconds" in the top right hand corner. So I watched as it counted down to zero, and then continued counting. This is what it looked like.

I was like, "that's odd..." It finally finished at -15 seconds and started. Little scary thought: this basic technology of countdown timers malfunctions on a common webpage where people maintain the page and systems well. And we go onto airplanes... which have tons of mechanical devices.... and more failure spots.... Hmmmm. That's not good.

And that was the random thought of today, presented by Riley.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Night View

So, I was moving boxes from the van into the house via the front door, and suddenly, I was amazed as I saw the sky. This is what I saw.

(By the way the really bright thing that looks like a sun is actually the moon... That's how bright it was in comparison to the stars)

I finished moving the boxes, while listening to David Crowder Band's Lime CD, and while I saw this wonderful spectacle, I heard "... Everywhere I look, I see your face! Your love has captured me. Oh my God, this love, how can it be?" Once I finished, I rushed into the house, grabbed my camera and a tripod, and took several pictures (for all you photographers out there, it was with 30" shutter speed so I needed the tripod). Meanwhile, I was listening to more of the Lime CD and singing out praises to God, and when I heard these songs and saw these sights combined, I realized that God must be so great if he can make billions of these stars and moons by just telling them to come into existence! And even though He is so great, He still loves us! It's totally beyond comprehension... Why would a God who came make the most beautiful things in the universe even care about us? As David Crowder says, "... I am a tree, bending beneath the weight of his wind of mercy... And oh, How He loves us..." 

P.S. Please comment on which picture you like best so I can learn to take better pics!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Proverbs in 2011

Wow, it's 2011! This is my first post of this year... feels cool.
Anyway, recently I've started a devotional of Proverbs (we got an awesome devo guide from Sno Rodeo) and I'm doing a chapter for each day of January (Proverbs 1 on January 1st, Proverbs 2 on the 2nd, etc.) There is so much wisdom in Proverbs, but one motif seems to be that we should take God's commands to heart. How exactly do we do that? I'm not exactly sure, but I think it involves reading God's word more and actually developing a habit of living like Jesus, both of which I definitely need improving on.

Proverbs is really cool, so if you can clear 10 minutes out of your day, I would definitely advise on reading it. It touches on so many topics on how to live in life. Anyway... Happy 2011!