Monday, December 27, 2010

Grape Vine

well, i hope you all had a very merry christmas and will have a happy new year! (in case you're wondering why i'm typing in lower case, i kinda just feel like it right now) anyway, i've finally finished another art thingy i've been working on for a while. here it is!

this is based on john 15, where it talks about how Jesus is the true vine. john 15 is a really good passage to read, i extremely recommend it. read it and comment on what you think about it!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

I made a little something for you guys... Merry Christmas!

P.S. It's snowing.... "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..."

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is coming...

Hey guys,

As you know, Christmas is coming up!!!! While everyone (including me) is trying to squeeze in their last minute shopping, it's sometimes really hard to remember the REAL reason for Christmas. Ever wonder what Christmas would be like two thousand years ago if Mary and Joseph had facebook? Here's a video (which I originally saw in my youth group) which shows the whole story of the Nativity... in facebook style! (FYI- you might have to pause the music player at the bottom of the page)

If you aren't going anywhere for Christmas Eve, why don't you try coming to Elmbrook Church? We have Christmas Eve services ranging from noon to an 11pm service... it's really cool. ( Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

O Christmas Tree...

Hey y'all

We finally finished our Christmas tree (we started a few weeks ago... I was studying for exams, okay?) and if I may say so, it looks rather good. It looks like this in the dark:

Kinda cool, eh? Now, using a trick I kinda stole from Sarah (You can check out her blog:, you can do this to a picture of a Christmas tree which is in the dark too:

Now if it's in the light, it looks like this:

This is a good mixture between light and dark in the picture... but personally I like the second photo better. What do you think?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nice view...

A few days ago, I woke up, looked out my window and saw this:

For me, this was like God saying: Good morning Riley! I love you and I care for you... You're going to do great today. Don't worry... I'm with you. I just told God "thanks" for letting me see this. Okay: I know I do lots of sermonish (is that a word?) posts, but I'm just sharing what's stands out to me. Do you ever stop just to say "Thanks for letting me see _____, God?" When you do, it feels really good and you start to look without knowing it for God's great works. You can just send a little prayer up to God ("That's cool, God") thanking, asking... whatever! It's really fun to do spontaneous praying... just try it!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Pens and Songs

Hey guys,

I haven't posted for a while because of exams but I have a spare moment now so I thought I'd share a bit of what's going on. I've been trying to draw a bit more and work on my song (I think I'm done with it!) so I've been pretty busy. If you want to draw stuff like Brandon Brown's, I would recommend TUL gel pens.

These are really nice if you want to draw stuff like the sheep drawing (in the background of the pic or previous post). I'm using them to work on a project right now. Here's a rough draftish thingy...

Yeah... This is kinda saying that when we walk with Jesus, life itself may not be better, but we can live knowing that he's with us always :)

Anyway, two days ago when I was studying hard for exams and listening to music through (great site!) when I heard the Heaven Song by Phil Wickham (Listen to the heaven song here!) I was just overcome for a second or two; I had to stop to pray and praise God. The reason is I had been worrying a lot for exams and when I heard the words of this song, I was reminded that through all the troubles of this life, we can still look forward to a glorious time in heaven with God where we can praise him! Yesterday when I read John 11, it talked about how God has prepared a place for each one of us in heaven. That's how much he loves us :D Life is good.

P.S. exams are done!!! Christmas break is here!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Be a sheep!

If you didn't notice, I have a new profile picture. Here it is big scale:

In case you're wondering what this is, I think I'd better explain things a little bit.

Last mosaic, Julie talked about how we should be like sheep: warm, cuddly, and c-- well, not like that. She talked about the two steps to being a good sheep: Listen to the shepherd and follow the shepherd. In case you're wondering, Jesus is the shepherd, and we should try to be like the sheep. It's not enough just to listen to him, however, we also have to put into place what he says. Using the sheep analogy, if the shepherd says not to go into the woods where the wolves are, it'd be dumb to go into it and get eaten, wouldn't it? A lot of times (myself included), Christians just read the Bible and listen to sermons on Sunday, then just go home and resume wandering into the woods. We need to follow the shepherd. That's how to be a good Christian. If you want to learn more about this, read John 10.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

1st Big Snow!!

As we drove along the wintry landscape, I was amazed by the beauty of God's creation. The snow (it's a miracle in itself, isn't it?) was laying on the trees and grass-- even though this is an overused simile, it was like a huge white blanket (hopefully a warm one) covering all that was once green.
Once we got back home, I took a few snapshots of the snow outside our house and of our dog, Cody :)

He's a pretty cute dog, isn't he? I bet he was thinking something like, "Snow! Woohoo.... Why is he pointing that big black thing at me?"
Here's another shot of the beauty of winter.

When I see these shots, I'm just shocked at how creative God must be. I know I'm kinda repeating what I've been saying for a while, but it's simply true. Anyway, after my third basketball game that day (whew!!), I got home, shoveled snow for a while, then started putting up a Christmas decoration (it was kinda late). Wow, those things are pretty. I took a photo (Actually like 30 but I'm only showing a couple) and just thought I'd show it.

The following is my favorite shot

Okay, I know this has been a rather long blog post, but I thought you would like to see these pictures as they are awesome (at least in my opinion)!!! Thanks for sticking through with it.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Left Behind: Young Trib Force

As I read the Left Behind Young Trib Force series, I am amazed by the intricacy of God’s plans and how blessed us Christians are. Fortunately/Unfortunately, current Christians won't see what follows. There are so many plagues which will follow the Rapture, but what’s amazing is that God will protect his followers from almost every single one of these! Furthermore, He will place a sign on us which will show whether we are a believer in him or not. Just think... All us brothers and sisters marked by one mark! No wondering whether a person is a Christian or not... The Christians will be able to tell who they need to convert and who they can trust. However, even though Tribulation saints will have a tough time, it’s still amazing that God will show his love for his children on Earth! After a tough 7 years, God will come for the Christians again and create a new perfect heaven and earth. How cool is that?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Post!!

So this is my first blog post... I'm really excited to write this blog. I’m gonna have lots of entries about random stuff and creation... like the fact it JUST SNOWED!!! :) I love snow so much and now that it’s winter it’s gonna be so much fun. I’m sure you’ve heard this, but did you know that every single snow flake is different? It’s soooooo cool. Thanks for reading... This is gonna be interesting... :)